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World Series map: Only three states are cheering for the Astros over the Braves. Whatever.

Everybody loves to hate the Astros. Well, almost everybody. A geotagged map shows 3 states want the 'Stros to win the 2021 World Series, betonline.com says.

HOUSTON — It's no secret the majority of the baseball world loves to hate the Houston Astros. And they hated seeing us win the ALCS for our third trip to the World Series in five years.

No worries. The players -- and true blue fans -- are motivated by the "us against the world" mentality. Haters gonna hate. Winners gonna win.

And there are a couple of states joining Texas in cheering on the 'Stros to beat the Braves. 

Betonline.ag just released a brand new geotagged US map that shows our neighbors in Louisiana and little bitty Delaware want the Astros to win. 

The map is based on geotagged Twitter numbers of fan hashtags -- including #ForTheH and #BattleATL -- posted in each state since the World Series matchup was set. They say more than 230,000 tweets were tracked.

Betonline says it's one of the most lopsided maps they've ever seen. 


Who needs the other 47 states when we have the Rally Nuns on our team! And they have friends in high places. 

Go 'Stros! #ForTheWin #HTOWNvsEVERYONE

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