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Missing Pieces: How a 1983 Seabrook woman's murder case was cracked decades later

Police believe Arthur Raymond Davis killed Susan Eads in 1983. He died in a car wreck just months after her death.

Grace White

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Published: 5:52 AM CDT October 5, 2020
Updated: 9:24 PM CDT May 4, 2021

Just beyond this scenic shore is a mystery, waiting to be solved.

“You try to get those missing pieces of the puzzle to try to paint the picture of what happened," said Dennis Eads, Susan's brother.

Susan Eads was murdered in 1983 and her family always wondered, what happened?

“We have put all kinds of scenarios together for 35 years," said Eads.

He is the oldest of Susan’s four siblings, always carrying the burden of finding out what happened to his little sister who he remembers as beautiful, funny, and full of gumption.

“I don't know how things would have turned out later in life, but she didn’t take any crap from anyone," he said.

So why was Susan murdered and how could it happen in a sleepy sea-side town?

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