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Woman says man fired three shots into her car after she showed him the middle finger

Afraid to ID herself, the woman says she flipped off a man in an SUV who swerved past her in the Willowlake subdivision. He then came back around and opened fire.

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas — Investigators are looking for a man behind a road rage incident that left a woman terrified after her car was shot up. Now, the Harris County Sheriff's Office Violent Crimes Unit is hoping the public can help identify the suspect vehicle seen in home surveillance footage.

“My wife, though she is physically fine, there wasn’t any physical injuries to her, mentally it’s been very trying," said the woman's husband, who asked not to be identified. “He could have potentially caused some serious irreversible damage to an individual."

Last Friday morning, he said his wife was driving through the Willowlake subdivision in northwest Harris County as she was making a turn, looking for an address. Then, she said an SUV swerved past her. As the man was driving away, in the heat of the moment, she flashed him her middle finger.

It's a decision she now regrets, but what happened next, she didn’t see coming. Home surveillance cameras captured the sound of three gunshots being fired into her car. She said the driver circled back around to hunt her down in retaliation.

“Let’s identify this individual and let’s look to get this individual off the street because if they are reacting to something so minor and insignificant as they did, what’s to say something doesn’t happen in the future?" the victim's husband said.

Deputies believe the SUV speeding by in the video is the suspect. They also think he may live in the neighborhood. The family hopes by sharing their story, they can save someone’s life.

“Don’t sweat those small things, I know we are all under a lot of pressure this year with everything that’s going on, but the little things that people are going through, you might not necessarily realize," he said.

If you have any information, call the Harris County Sheriff's Office Violent Crimes Unit at 713-274-9100. Right now, investigators only have a vague description of the suspect, but they’re hoping that will change with calls from the public.

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