HOUSTON — Thieves broke into at least 40 cars at a luxury apartment complex in Tanglewood.

Houston Police Department confirms at least 40 cars were broken into after midnight Tuesday.

“I got outside and there was glass all over the parking garage,” said Tate at Tanglewood resident Erick Borlasca.

Borlasca’s BMW needs $400 of work to repair his shattered passenger window. This is the second tear of break-ins at the complex in the 10 months he’s lived there.

“You would think that after it happened last time, they would put a car patrol, but nothing,” Borlasca said.

Typically, Houston Police Department’s Auto Theft Division encourages people to take their valuables with them and lock their doors. However, they’re tracking a new trend specific to high rise apartment garages.

“They’re hitting cars that normally I’d tell people, hey, if you don’t have anything in your car, you’re not going to get hit,” said HPD Sergeant Tracy Hicks.“But they’re literally hitting almost every car in there.”

Hicks said people living in apartments with parking garages should ask their management staff these three questions:

  • Does the complex have updated high definition cameras?
  • Do the cameras work at night?
  • Does someone patrol the garage 24/7?

“Also, license plate readers are helping us out a lot,” Hicks said.

Tate at Tanglewood management did not return KHOU 11’s request for more information about security.


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