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When it gets hot in Texas, the squirrels start 'splooting'

'Splooting' is what squirrels and some other animals do to cool down.

HOUSTON — Texas is in the middle of a major heatwave, with dangerous triple-digit temps all across the state.

While we humans keep cool with air conditioning, swimming pools, fluids and shade, squirrels do it a little differently. They sploot.

Texas Parks and Wildlife posted a video Monday of a ‘splooting’ squirrel at Inks Lake State Park, which is northwest of Austin. Though posted Monday, it's not clear when the video was shot.

What is ‘splooting’ and why do squirrels do it?

 ‘Splooting’ is when an animal lays on its belly with all four paws on a cooler surface. It helps them lower their body temperature. They can sploot on the ground, in trees or on roofs.

Ink Lake State Park also posted video of a squirrel 'splooting,' saying they go from spot to spot to cool down, kind of like 'flipping the pillow.' 

I feel ya, Squirrel, I feel ya. 🥵 This squirrel is trying to find some relief from the heat. Known as “splooting”, they are trying to cool off by stretching out on the cooler sections of the cement, and “flipping the pillow” to another cool spot. Texas summer heat can make this a neverending pursuit. ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️ Stay healthy and safe out there, Inkslings! Tips to remember: 💧Stay hydrated 🛏️ Take frequent rest breaks 🐾 Protect your pets ♓️ Sploot as needed (the new international sign for splooting! 😂) #splootsofinstagram #splootingsquirrel #toohottosleep #thecoolsideofthepillow #inkslakesp #inkslakestatepark #txparksandwildlife #betteroutside #texasstateparks #squirrelsofinstagram

Posted by Inks Lake State Park - Texas Parks and Wildlife on Monday, June 26, 2023

According to the Washington Post, though the term is not in some dictionaries, it’s been around for a little while, popular among dog and cat owners who noticed their four-legged friend doing it.


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