HOUSTON — Why doesn't anyone use their turn signals? It's one of the top complaints we've picked up when we asked what's driving you crazy!

“Amanda” wrote in, “You may need to do a video on the use of a blinker.” “Martha” said, “Turn signals! No one seems to know how to use them!”

And “Danielle” is fed up. She says, “People aren't using their turn signals to let me know they're turning!”

It seems simple but apparently this is kind of tricky for a lot of people here in Houston.

In fact, a state lawmaker in Spring even proposed a bill to make it optional to use your turn signal in a turn lane.

It didn't pass.

So yes, despite what you may have seen on the roads, it is still required by law!

Why doesn't anyone use their turn signals?

But what are the actual requirements? Let's break it down.

The law says you are supposed to turn that blinker on 100 feet before you change lanes or turn. And that's probably farther than you think – 100 feet is about the length of an NBA basketball court.

It's also the distance a car traveling 35 mph covers in two seconds.

Just think about that – using your turn signal keeps you and others safer on the road.

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