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Fans react to possibility of Houston Cougars joining the Big 12

UH's game against Texas Tech on Saturday could also be a preview of a future Big 12 matchup.

HOUSTON — It's the beginning of college football season. The Houston Cougars faced off against Texas Tech in the Texas Kickoff Classic -- a possible preview of a Big 12 matchup.

It was the buzz at the tailgate before the game.

"I think we deserve to be in the big 12," said Diego Estrada, a UH fan.

University of Houston fans were very excited about the possibility of the Cougars joining the Big 12.

"Oh, we are excited about it, because there will be more Texas schools to play against. We will be in a power 5 conference," said Frank Mangold,another UH fan.

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But it’s not just the UH fans. Texas Tech fans were also happy the Coogs may join them.

"I want the Big 12 to get stronger. It wouldn’t bother me at all," said Allan Colwcik, a Red Raiders fan.

In July, Texas and Oklahoma announced they would be leaving the Big 12.

 "Good riddance. We don’t need them," said Manny Gil, a Texas Tech fan. 

Other fans have their own theories about the teams that left.

"I would just hope that the teams no longer a part of the big twelve won’t be afraid of playing UH as they have been in the past," said UH fan Andre Kohn.

In the end, every fan we spoke with on both sides of the aisle tells us they are ready for the Coogs to take that next step to play in the Big 12.

Our sources tell KHOU 11's Matt Musil UH joining the Big 12 is a done deal. Formal invitations are expected to go out within the next few days.