HOUSTON — Our Verify team is tackling a question about something you may have gotten in the mail from CenterPoint Energy.

The letter asks customers to buy gas line protection or you could have to fork out thousands of dollars for repairs.

Margaret Baptiste is asking if this insurance is necessary. And why now? We went to the Better Business Bureau and CenterPoint to get answers.

CenterPoint said for less than $6 a month, you get $8,000 worth of coverage for repairs to your gas lines.

It is optional. Leah Napoliello with the BBB agrees the benefits are there. But it's an investment you may already be paying for. Napoliello said most homeowners’ insurance already have you covered.

So do you really need it? The BBB says chances are no, because you may already have something close to it. In some cases, the coverage you have may even be better. But again, the insurance is optional.


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