PASADENA, Texas — With the temps going up here in H-Town – how about cooling down – with an icy cold “raspa!”

What are they? It’s Spanish for shaved ice.

Raspas are basically snow cones with a Mexican twist! And you can find them all over Houston, including at Brain Freeze in Pasadena.

There for just $2 you can get a cup with up to three of your favorite flavors.

However, if you’re feeling a bit daring try ordering the “Mango Swim” or “Mangonada.” It’s $8 for a large and $12 for an extra-large. It’s a mango-inspired snow cone filled with gummies, chamoy hot sauce, chili, and even a chili stick.

Fan of pickles? This raspa’s got plenty of that and it’s topped with Hot Cheetos! This one is $5.

But at this shop, raspas can as unique as you want them to be. Just let your imagination go wild!

And you could end up with something like “the Brain Freeze,” which is $18.

You just have to ask.

From cute drinks to fun backdrops – did I mention this place is Instagram friendly!

Just remember at this shop you can only enjoy these raspas for the next few months. So risk the brain freeze and eat it quick!

No seriously. Otherwise, these raspas will melt!!