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'Show your face. Answer our questions.' | Families of Uvalde victims still have no answers

Both a special Texas House committee and the Uvalde City Council met Thursday about the massacre but the victims' families said they're being left in the dark.

UVALDE, Texas — A growing memorial is still centered around Robb Elementary School’s sign where somber visitors continue to pay their respects.

Windows of the west wing where 19 students and two teachers died are covered.

"This is not, not supposed to happen,” a victim's family member said during a special called meeting of the Uvalde City Council.

Families remain frustrated with what they say is a lack of transparency.

“I know there’s a limit on what you can do," another family member said. "Go beyond that.”

"People don’t understand what anybody’s going through in this room,” another said.

Once again, they didn’t get the answers they wanted after a two-hour executive session.

"We’re not trying to hide anything from you," Mayor Don McLaughlin said. "We don’t have anything. DPS has tied our hands.”

That meeting happened as a special Texas House committee investigating the incident held another round of closed-door interviews at Uvalde City Hall.

"To date, we have interviewed over 30 witnesses," Rep. Dustin Burrows, who chairs the committee, said.

Stephen Willeford, who's credited with disrupting the 2017 Sutherland Springs Baptist Church mass murder by shooting the suspect who eventually committed suicide, attended the public portion of the committee's hearing.

"We need that investigation to go through and find out failures and address the failures,” Willeford said.

He supports properly training and arming teachers in order to respond when needed as he did nearly five years ago.

"He had on class three body armor ... a ballistic bulletproof helmet. It was my worst nightmare," Wlleford said of the suspect. "I was barefoot. But I had to stop him."

Parents called for a meeting with Gov. Greg Abbott, the district attorney and others as another week rolls by.

"Show your face. Answer our questions," a Robb parent said. "Now, now, now."

Embattled Uvalde CISD Police Chief Pete Arredondo, who’s also a councilman, missed his second meeting in a row. Missing a third meeting could lead to his ousting.

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