HOUSTON — An intimate crowd packed into the small space at the West End, eager to hear presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke.

He’s coined these campaign stops "Band With Beto." These grassroots rallies are what led to his rise in popularity. Supporters say they help O’Rouke create an almost one-on-one interaction with potential voters.

The night was full of energy, starting with a number of performances by local artists, capped off by Houston’s own rapper Paul Wall stopping in to spit a few tracks and stump for the former Texas senator.

O’Rourke then made his way through the crowd – lots of hugs, and I love you’s before taking the stage to state his case.

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Lots of eyes are on O’Rourke after many people criticized his performance in the first Democratic presidential debate earlier this week.

In his speech, he touched on gun laws, climate change, and taking care of veterans.

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But he placed the most emphasis on the current immigration crisis – and his push for reform on child detention centers.

After a brief 15 minutes, O’Rourke wrapped up with the crowd chanting his name as he exited the stage.

He and his supporters hope this event helps him stand out in the crowded field of candidates.


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