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Mom of Taylor Swift fan writes hilarious note to daughter's first-grade teacher

Karen Vladek's daughter is a Swiftie who begged her mom to go to the concert. "I hope this doesn't leave any Bad Blood between you and Maddie," she wrote.

HOUSTON — Karen Vladek is an Austin lawyer and mom who's getting national attention for a clever note to her daughter's first-grade teacher about a rather "Delicate" matter.

The note shared on Twitter was sent to explain Maddie's upcoming absence when she takes her to Houston for the Taylor Swift concert on April 24. It's full of references to Swift songs starting with the subject line: "It’s me, hi, I’m the problem, it’s me," from the single "Anti-Hero." 

Here's the full note. "Are You Ready For It?" 

"Dear reader [Ms. Parks],

"I'm writing to let you know that Maddie won't be in school on 4/24 because she is going to the Taylor Swift concert in Houston. I hope missing school doesn't ruin her otherwise stellar Reputation, but she begged me to go and maybe I Should Have Said No, but I didn't want to be Mean. So It Goes...

"Anyway, I hope this doesn't leave any Bad Blood between you and Maddie and that things for the rest of the year are not Treacherous. I know I Did Something Bad and I promise this will be The Last Time she has an unexcused absence before the Cruel Summer starts.

Forever & Always,

-Karen Vladek"

Luckily, Ms. Parks has a good sense of humor. She responded, "THIS MADE MY ENTIRE DAY." 

A lot of commenters suggested buying the teacher some Swiftie merch at the concert. 

Vladeck's husband Steve, who is a CNN contributor, had this reaction.

"oh my god. Karen."

Twitter users joined the fun with other references to Swift songs. 

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