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Derion Vence's attorney asks judge to prohibit jail visits from Quanell X

On Friday, Quanell says he visited the jail, where Vence told him Maleah's body had been taken to Hope, Arkansas.

HOUSTON — The attorney for Derion Vence is asking a Harris County district judge to no longer allow community activist Quanell X to visit his client in jail.

The request comes after Quanell X claims to have learned through Vence where to find missing 4-year-old Maleah Davis. Vence is in jail for tampering with evidence in connection to the girl's disappearance earlier this month. 

On Friday, Quanell says he visited the jail, where Vence told him Maleah's body had been taken to Arkansas. 

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Vence's attorney, Dorian C. Cotlar, moved to prohibit Quanell "and any of his associates" from visiting Vence while at the the jail. 

Arkansas State Police confirmed evidence of human remains may have been found along Interstate 30 in Miller County, Arkansas.

In a KHOU 11 interview, Quanell said he always thought he could get Vence to talk if he had the chance to talk to him one on one.

“I had received a tip from inside the jail that he was saying he wanted to talk to me,” Quanell said. “And so I got up this morning and I prayed and I told people close to me to pray for me, that I was going to the jail to visit with him.

“He told me where the body was. He told me what he did with it. He said it was late, late at night and that he was making sure it was in the wee, wee hours of the darkness.”

Quanell X used to be the spokesperson for Maleah’s mom, Brittany Bowens. He parted ways with her last week because he didn’t think she was being truthful and hasn’t talked to her since.

“She has text me asking me questions and I have not responded at this moment. And in fact, to be honest with you, I don’t plan to respond...I have no desire to.”

Quanell X has helped solve several murders over his time as a community activist but says this case has been extremely tough on him.

“Because Maleah didn’t have to die. That child was being physically abused and physically tortured in that house and they were covering it up. It’s a damn shame that her mother, her mother...chose a man over her own daughter.”

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“He (Vence) says it was an accident. An accident is something that you don’t intend to do. She died as a direct result of his willingness and his frustration of anger and hate to do what he did. That was not the first time he had physically abused that child, I know that for a fact," Quanell said. “My ultimate goal was two things: find Malia and find out what happened.”


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