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'It brings it all back' | Santa Fe reacts to recent mass shootings, encourages kindness

The Santa Fe community is still coping with the aftermath of its own mass shooting more than a year later.

SANTA FE, Texas — Confusion and chaos played out on two more mass shooting scenes this weekend.

Tragedies in El Paso and Dayton bring those cities into a sad assemblage that includes Santa Fe.

"It really takes us back," said Wendy Norris with the Santa Fe Resiliency Center. "It takes our breath away."

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Eight students and two teachers died at Santa Fe High School in May 2018. The community continues to cope more than a year later.

"And our heart really pours out of these communities that were impacted this weekend because we know the journey that they’re about to embark on because of our own personal journey that we had here,” Norris said.

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The journey in Santa Fe includes its resiliency center. It was initially set up for families directly impacted by the tragedy and is now available to anyone in need of support.

"Whether they’re children or adults or they were actually in that area where the shooting happened, all the way to community members,” Norris said.

Trauma can take years to overcome or even fully recognize. The first step is to seek help like those touched by recent shootings may be just beginning to do.

"There’s not much we can do so far away," Norris said. "But what we really suggest is acts of kindness, compassion and really treating each other well. Just really kind of combating the evil with good.”

We texted with the mother of a Santa Fe shooting victim who survived. She said their hearts break for those impacted by these recent shootings.


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