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Residents in this Houston-area city are dealing with murky water and low pressure

Residents are calling on the city to make sure the water problems are resolved before any new construction projects begin.

FULSHEAR, Texas — Fulshear residents aren't happy about the water issues they've been dealing with recently.

They said the pressure has been low and the water has a yellowish, murky color. They said it's so bad that they can't even shower sometimes.

They said it's been going on for weeks and the pressure issues are making them make decisions they shouldn't have to make.

"We have to choose between laundry and dishes. We can't do them at the same time," Lexi Gianetto said.

They said it's the worst early in the morning and in the evening after work.

"It's really frustrating. We end up staying up to 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning to do laundry," Jordan Schupbach said.

It's not just the pressure that's causing problems.

"This is the little pool for my granddaughter," Vicki Caraway said.

Yellow water filled the blow-up pool her granddaughter plays in.

The residents said they're concerned that new construction in the area is going to make it even worse.

"The more houses and connections ... the more people needing that water ... if we can't supply water for the people who are living here right now, why are we continuing to build?" Gianetto said.

Fulshear's mayor said the city is looking into the issue.

"The system is designed to handle this capacity. We are working around the clock to determine what is going on," Mayor Aaron Groff said.

Groff said the city is also dealing with iron in the water, something else they're working to fix.

As for the new construction, Groff said the city is planning for it.

"The future growth is accounted for in these projects that are already in the pipeline, already designed," Groff said.

Residents said they don't think the new projects will be done in time, especially since the problem is happening now. They're asking the city to stop new construction projects.

"Pause on all the construction. This rate of construction is unmanageable," Schupbach said.

Residents said it appears as if all but one neighborhood seems to be affected by the water issues.

You can watch the last City Council meeting where they talked about the water issue by clicking here. More information can be found by clicking here.

Residents said they're planning to attend the next meeting to complain. It's scheduled for Sept. 19 at 7 p.m.

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