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Here's how Houston-area residents can get tested for coronavirus

Health officials recommend that only people showing symptoms get tested for the coronavirus.


Both city and county officials are working hard to increase testing capabilities for coronavirus. 

Below, we have information on how various tests are being conducted.

Second Houston testing site

Smart Financial Centre in Sugar Land

March 31: A site in Sugar Land is opening Tuesday, 3/31, at the Smart Financial Centre in Sugar Land.  The big difference with this new site is that everything is done here at the testing site. There's no online pre-screening or code needed. When you get there, medical professionals will ask a series of questions about things like symptoms and recent travel to determine if a test is needed. And just to manage expectations, these tests are being prioritized for those who are showing symptoms and those who are high risk.  More details

Third Houston testing site at Forest Brook Middle School

April 2: A third site was opened in northeast Houston at Forest Brook Middle School, 7525 Tidwell Road. Like the Sugar Land site, everything is done here and you never have to get out of your car. Those interested are first screened on site. If a test is deemed necessary, they will have you drive to a second tent. There while still in your car, you open your door, life up your nose and they insert a swab to gather a sample. That is it. They will call you the results of the test in 36 hours.

For Harris County, here is a list of steps you must take in order to get tested for coronavirus:

1. Take an online screening. The online screening will determine if you're "at-risk" and need testing. If deemed "at-risk" you will receive a unique code and a phone number to call. 

2. Call the given number and complete phone consultation. If deemed "at-risk" you will be given another unique code and information of where to get your first test. 

3. Proceed to the testing facility at your scheduled time. Be sure to bring with you a photo ID and other information as requested by your nurse screener. 

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For more information, you can call 832-927-7575.

The online screening tool will be available in multiple languages starting Tuesday, March 24, and will also be integrated with the City of Houston’s testing site in the coming days.  

Once that information is announced we will add to this page.

In the meantime, if you are a Houston resident who wants to get tested for coronavirus, you must call the Houston Health Department’s COVID-19 call center at 832-393-4220 between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. to get screened. 

If you're deemed "at-risk," you will receive a unique identification code and instructions on where to go for testing. 

High-risk symptomatic residents can be tested regardless of documentation status and there is no cost for testing.  

Houston Health Department's testing site now open to anyone with specific symptoms:

March 29 — "Our community based testing site is now available to anyone with #COVID19 symptoms of fever, cough & difficulty breathing. Call 832-393-4220 from 9AM-6PM to be screened. People who meet criteria will be given a code and instructions on where to go." - Houston Health Dept.

Other sites offering free testing

United Memorial Medical Center and Legacy Community Health are offering free tests for only those exhibiting symptoms of the coronavirus. 


510 W Tidwell Road 

Testing will be done Monday through Friday: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.


  • Legacy Baker-Ripley, 6500 Rookin Street, Bldg B, Ste 200 
  • Legacy Bissonnet, 12667 Bissonnet 
  • Legacy Branard, 401 Branard St., Level 3 
  • Legacy Deer Park Center St., 3430 Center St., Deerpark
  • Legacy Fifth Ward, 3811 Lyons Ave.
  • Legacy Lyons, 3811 Lyons Ave. 
  • Legacy Mapleridge, 6550 Mapleridge Street, Ste. 106 
  • Legacy Montrose, 1415 California St.
  • Legacy Northline, 5598-A1 North Freeway, Northtown Plaza
  • Legacy Santa Clara, 5616 Lawndale St., Ste A108 
  • Legacy San Jacinto, 4301 Garth Suite 400, Baytown
  • Legacy Sharpstown, 6677 Rookin
  • Legacy Southwest, 6441 High Star Dr.
  • Legacy Central Beaumont, 450 North 11th St.

Legacy asks that you please call (832) 548-5226 first with any questions before arriving. 

Private, pay-for testing sites


Private drive-through clinics are getting a lot of business with a turnaround of four days. The testing process is detailed on the My Family Doctor clinic’s website.

First, you fill out a questionnaire and pay $25 for a consultation with a doctor. Then the doctor decides if you should get a test.

If the doctor determines you can get a test, you pay $150. Nasal swabs are collected and the test is sent off to a lab.

The clinic only accepts cash; however, its website says it will try to bill your insurance.


Next Level Urgent Care will start testing for COVID-19 on Friday. Clinics are now able to offer a full panel of respiratory testing, including COVID-19. This also means they won’t have to follow CDC guidelines for who can get tested, and within 24 hours to two days, the patient will know what’s wrong.

First responders and healthcare workers

The City of Houston has set up a free testing site for first responders and healthcare workers only. Details about the site, including its location and the pre-screening process, are being shared with these individuals through their organization.

Fort Bend County

A COVID-19 testing site is slated to open in Fort Bend County on Thursday, March 26, 2020.

COVID-19 testing will be conducted only if the patient meets the following criteria:

  • Initial criteria for the COVID-19 Testing will require a Telehealth visit.
  • A telehealth visit will be instituted by calling 281-238-7870
  • Medical staff will schedule a visit via telehealth
  • The patient will be screened during the Telehealth visit for criteria that suggests a possible positive case

Criteria for COVID-19 Testing

Patients must have symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath) AND/OR have one of the following risk factors:

  • Older than 65 years old
  • People who have serious underlying health conditions (heart disease, diabetes, lung disease/asthma, HIV, immunocompromised)
  • Healthcare workers with suspected exposure
  • COVID-19 testing is 8 a.m. – l p.m. with the numbers of tests limited
  • All tests must have an order from the telehealth visit
  • Test Results take 24-48 hours

COVID-19 testing will be charged to patient insurance for patients that have Medicare, Medicaid or Commercial insurance. For self-pay patients, the cost of the test is $100 at the time of service. Patients must pay by credit/debit card prior to arriving for the COVID-19 testing.

The patient will be given instructions by the provider’s office to come to the testing location

For more information, click here.

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