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Coronavirus vaccine won’t be a quick fix | Connect the Dots

Many are hoping that a COVID-19 vaccine will mean a quick end to this pandemic, but health experts warn it's not quite that simple.

A lot of us are hoping that a coronavirus vaccine will mean a quick end to this pandemic, letting everything get back to normal. 

However, health experts are warning it won’t be quite that simple. Let’s connect the dots.

At least two COVID-19 vaccines started the final stages of human trials last week. Both public health experts and politicians are hoping to have a vaccine ready for the public by early 2021. 

But the people who study vaccines say that is just the beginning…not the end.

The first problem is quickly developing a vaccine is unprecedented and we don’t know how well they will work. 

Often the initial drugs and vaccines developed are not the most effective. Also protection won’t be immediate, it usually takes a while for your immune system to build up antibodies. Often vaccines require a second shot to get the immune response you need.

The other big hurdle will be roll out. 

We don’t have a lot of specifics yet about who will be in charge. Will it be the federal government or state and local governments? Will some people get priority? 

Health experts say our best comparison right now is how coronavirus testing has worked in this country.