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School districts across Texas looking to possibly poach teachers who may be leaving Houston ISD

The TEA takeover prompted many teachers to think about their futures.

HOUSTON, Texas — School districts around Texas are looking to take advantage of the state's takeover of Houston ISD.

Edgewood ISD serves about 8,000 students on the west side of San Antonio.

"I think because we are a smaller school district, it’s really personal," said Edgewood ISD HR Director Cynthia Trevino.

The smaller district is among those working to land any teachers willing to relocate from the state’s largest district, HISD, amid a Texas Education Agency takeover.

"As most districts are struggling to hire teachers, we are just really, you know, trying to be innovative about our recruiting efforts,” said Trevino.

Edgewood created a flyer specifically aimed at HISD teachers who may be leaving.

And while there’s always turnover, the takeover is a primary factor for some, according to what Houston Education Association President Michelle Williams recently told us.

"We had a first-year teacher in our Facebook group say they she was deciding to leave, you know, and she doesn’t even have a job,” Williams said.

Williams is also among HISD educators who got emails from Fort Worth ISD about coming on board.

That 75,000-student district has reportedly downsized in some areas due to declining enrollment.

But it still needs teachers, just like Edgewood ISD and so many others.

"If we can, and we will try and recruit from all areas,” said Trevino.

In some cases, districts are offering signing and other bonuses to help entice new teachers.

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