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'Voices in his head' told suspect to shoot deputy constable, prosecutors say

Prosecutors say the shooter used to be a security guard at a children's hospital.

HOUSTON — The man accused of shooting a Harris County Precinct 7 Deputy appeared in a Houston courtroom overnight.

Prosecutors said 24-year-old Romando Powell admitted to investigators he intentionally shot the deputy because “the voices in his head told him to.” Powell is charged with attempted capital murder of a peace officer.

Deputy Quinton Goodwill was shot during a traffic stop on Wednesday outside the Missouri City park and ride.

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The bullet struck the chest area of his bulletproof vest, and he was able to walk to the ambulance on his own to get taken to the hospital.

The five-year veteran of the force is now out of the hospital and resting at home with family.

Houston police said they later tracked down Powell and recovered a pistol, a bulletproof vest and a large amount of ammunition from his car.

Prosecutors said the alleged shooter recently moved to Houston from Miami where he used to be a security guard at a children’s hospital. Bond was set at $500,000.