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Janitor accused of urinating in coworker's bottles faces 2 new charges, documents show

Lucio Diaz, 50, is still in custody after his October arrest. Diaz was caught when a victim installed a spy camera on her desk.

HOUSTON — The janitor accused of putting his private parts into a coworker's water bottle faces two new charges, including assault with a deadly weapon, according to court documents.

Lucio Diaz, 50, is still in custody after his October arrest. Diaz was caught when a victim installed a spy camera on her desk.

A civil lawsuit has also been filed against Diaz, the building's owner and the janitorial company with whom Diaz was employed.

"We filed suit on behalf of four victims,” attorney Kim Spurlock said.

She claims the initial client contracted herpes from the water bottle as did at least one other person. It's something numerous medical authorities said is rare but not out of the question.

What happened?

Diaz was working at a medical building off the East Freeway when a woman told Houston police in late August that she got water from a dispenser that had a funny taste and smell to it.

After the incident, the victim started bringing her own bottles to work. If she didn't finish them, she would leave them for the next day.

A few days went by after the sour water incident when she noticed the water she brought from the store also smelled nasty, according to court documents. She never figured out what it was, but then threw the bottle away.

The victim said that in September, a co-worker volunteered to make her coffee, but she told them to use the water from her bottle and not the dispenser. Her co-worker looked into her water bottle and asked her why it was yellow.

“I felt disgusted," the woman, who wanted to stay anonymous, told KHOU 11. “I raised it to my face, smelled it, and it smelled like urine.”

Screenshots shared with KHOU were taken from the full video which shows everything.

"Just picked it up, removed the cap, and proceeded to put his penis halfway into the bottle," the woman said. "Then he tilted it up so that his penis was surrounded by the water.”

The woman then notified the police the next day and provided them with two water bottles as evidence. When police confronted Diaz about the incidents, he admitted to what he had done.

He also admitted to police that he had done something similar at a previous job where he worked for eight months. Diaz told police he did it out of “malicious intent” and that it was a “sickness.”

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