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'When I was growing up none of this happened' | Parents, family members react to shooting at YES Prep Southwest

Many parents rushed to the campus in southwest Houston to pick up their children and family members after finding out about the shooting.

HOUSTON — Parents and family members rushed to YES Prep Southwest Secondary school Friday after a shooting was reported at the campus in southwest Houston.

A former student is in custody and a school administrator was taken to the hospital after the employee was injured.

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Parents were sent to West Fuqua and Hiram Clarke where a staging area was set up for them to pick up their children after the school was evacuated. Many anxiously awaited to pick up family members.

One woman named Crystal said she rushed to the campus once she heard about the shooting. She said her younger brother is a 12th-grader at the school.

“As soon as I came, I started having an anxiety attack," she said. "I still feel anxious, but I know he’s OK."

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One mother told KHOU 11 she rushed over to the campus after she received a text from her 13-year-old daughter that there was a shooter on campus.

“I went to the school first. They were telling parents to come here (staging area) to pick them up, but just as a parent, you want to be there to get your kids. I just got my kids and came over here,” the woman said.

She also has a 13-year-old nephew who attends the school who she picked up.

A woman who lives in the neighborhood came outside her home to see what police were responding to. She was shocked to find out it was shooting at the school.

“It’s sad,” she said. “When I was growing up, none of this happened.”

Parents and students told KHOU 11 there were no indications something like this would happen. On top of that, Friday was supposed to be early release day with the students expected to be out of class by 1 p.m.

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