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Deadly, dangerous weekend after multiple drunk driving accidents on Houston-area roads

"Deputies are getting hurt. People are dying. It's got to stop." - Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas — It was a deadly, dangerous weekend on Houston area roadways. 

Houston Police and the Harris County Sheriff's Office responded to three drunk driving related crashes early Sunday morning.

In one incident, parents nearly crashed into an HPD cruiser while drunk. Their kids were in the back seat. 

In a second incident, the driver of a Cadillac crashed into another car, killing two people inside. Police found alcohol all over the vehicle. 

The night capped off with a teenager who is believed to have been drinking and crashed into two HCSO patrol units, injuring two deputies. 

Three drunk drivers in a matter of hours that changed many lives. 

"It's a 26,000 pound missile flying down the roadway," Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said. "Deputies are getting hurt, people are dying, it's got to stop."

Gonzalez has had enough. His outrage was evident on Twitter Sunday. 

Area roads continue to lead the nation in drunk driving incidents. 

"It's incredibly frustrating for me," Gonzalez said. 

The sheriff launched a new DWI Task Force earlier this year, and although things are improving, Gonzalez said it's not fast enough. 

More needs to be done. 

"It's only a part of it," Gonzalez said. "We still need people to say enough is enough. We all have to take a role. We see who's over serving individuals. We see what our friends and family have a drinking problem. Let's be proactive and try to stop that." 

The two deputies hurt this morning are expected to be OK, but the sheriff said as long as this behavior continues, any member of the public could be at risk out on the roads. 

"Will it be you that's next when somebody decides to take the wheel and hurt somebody else?" Gonzalez asked. "We don't want anymore carnage or hurt individuals."


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