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Here's why gas prices keep going up with holiday travel right around the corner

KHOU 11's energy expert says supply isn't meeting demand, and it could be a problem for the rest of the year -- maybe longer.

HOUSTON — Americans might be divided on a lot of things, but gas prices are not one of them. If you've filled up lately, you know it's costing more.

 "Every time I go to the gas pump, it's more and it's just getting ridiculous," says Von Thomas.

So what's up with these prices? KHOU 11's Energy Expert Ed Hirs says OPEC isn't providing enough of a fuel supply to keep the prices down.

"It's a real balancing act of providing supplies to the market as it recovers from a God-awful recession and that's what we've had," says Hirs.

He's also predicting that prices will continue to rise throughout the holiday season and even into next year. And that's not fun to hear when the holidays are right around the corner.

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"There's not much you can do about it. You can cut back on some of your driving and balance your personal wallet that way," Hirs advised.

Some drivers are now looking for ways to pump their brakes with the gas pump.

"I don't drive as far," says Tahsyi King. "I kind of stay in the area."

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