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Easy ways to save money on gas

Gas prices have surged nationwide. Here is how you can protect your wallet at the pump.

HOUSTON — If you've been around town, I'm sure you've noticed it. Gas prices are surging!

The average price of gas in Texas is now $3.05 compared to only $1.85 last year. Of course, that was when we were in the middle of the COVID pandemic, so lack of demand was driving down prices.

Now that kids are back in school and many people are back in the office, demand is back up. And that is part of the reason we are seeing such a big price increase.

Plus, OPEC has been slow to increase supply, keeping prices high.

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Tips for saving at the pump

  • Use apps to find the cheapest gas near you. Gas Buddy is one of the biggest.
  • Enroll in a gas reward program. Most major gas stations offer discounts to loyal customers.
  • Check your grocery store for gas rewards programs. Big chains like Kroger offer discounts on gas based on how much you spend on groceries.
  • Buy gas with a cash back credit card. Just remember to charge responsibly.
  • Use cash instead of card. Most gas stations offer a discount that could mean big savings.
  • Carpool. Sharing a ride with co-workers or rotating after-school pickup with other parents are just a few ways you can lessen your need to fill up.

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