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Here are helpful apps to save money on gas

With gas prices near all-time record highs, it's time to come up with some ways to save cash at the pump.

Want to save money on gas? Short of parking your car, there is not much you can do. Though some money saving apps and rebate programs might help a bit.

Greg Rottbart shook his head when he saw how much it cost to just top off his gas tank. "$44," Rottbart said.

With gas prices across the country approaching $4 a gallon, and much higher in California, gas prices are now a full dollar a gallon higher than a year ago. Which means that 20 gallon fill up will cost an extra $20.

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That's why anything that can help you save money on gas is probably worth trying.

Crystal Hayes uses Google Maps which shows her gas stations and prices nearby.

"Right now, I have the Google app," Hayes said. "I have been using it for gas prices, so whatever can help!"

Macy Wills uses the popular GasBuddy app.

"I at least go somewhere where it's not crazy, crazy expensive," Wills said.

GasBuddy is the most popular of the gasoline app. It's free and all it needs is your ZIP code, or your phone's location services, and you get the lowest price near you.

But GasBuddy analyst Pat De Haan suggests upgrading to their alerts.

"Not only that, but for motorists signed up to get our push notifications, we also send push alert when gas prices start to spike," De Haan said.

If you're not in a fuel rewards program, join one. Shell, 7-Eleven, Speedway, and Circle K, as well as most major grocery chains, now offer fuel discounts for members.

And the newest entry is GetUpside.

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"We are probably one of the best ways to fight inflation with increases in gas prices," GetUpside co-founder Wayne Lin said. "You can save up to 25 cents a gallon every time you buy gas."

Lin says GetUpside is a free app that shows you participating BP, Shell, and other stations near you. You claim the deal on your phone, then save 10 to 25 cents off.

These days, anything to lower those gas prices is worth it. So try some of those free apps so you don't waste your money.

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