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Houstonians get creative to save money on gas

Gas prices are soaring and that means people are finding new ways to save.

HOUSTON — With gas prices climbing, Houstonians are trying to save money any way they can.

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Brandon Huff and his girlfriend have started carpooling.

“We drive two cars and her car's a little gas friendlier,” Huff said. “We're just going to decide just to ride with each other to save on gas."

Alvaro Lopez said he’s looking into buying a bike for short trips.

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Karina Escobar is simply cutting out all the small trips to save every bit she can.

But for Chris Archer, it’s not that simple. He’s been driving back and forth to San Antonio and keeps an eye out for the best prices.

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“I have a certain amount that I'm coming to spend, and you know, it gets me to the next time. It does seem like it's going up every time I come back,” Archer said.

And he’s not wrong.

Gas hikes mean an increase in other goods and services. Margaret Kidd is a professor of supply chain and logistics technology at the University of Houston.

“We‘re going to feel it, not only at the pump but also in the pricing of everyday items,” Kidd said. “You have to think, you know, 'where can I cut back?' And perhaps that's on consumer goods. Perhaps it's at the grocery store. But the average American is really going to feel the pinch of the increase in the cost of gas.”

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