PASADENA, Texas — A Pasadena restaurant is challenging its customers with a giant burger equal to 18 McDonald’s Quarter Pounders!

The Big Tex Super Burger features a 4.5-pound all-beef patty, 12 slices of cheese, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, mayo and mustard.

At $25, the hefty hamburger will take a bite out of your budget. But if you can gulp it down in an hour, it’s free. (18 Quarter Pounders would cost $68.22 so there's that.)

Big Tex Papas owner Samuel Barraza says no one has been able to finish the burger so far.

Barraza, who calls himself Big Tex Sam, created an even bigger belt-busting burger for RodeoHouston last year. Weighing in at 16-plus pounds, it was four times the size of the Super Burger.

Big burger rodeo
Big Tex Sam created a belt-busting burger for RodeoHouston last year, weighing in at 16-plus pounds,
Big Tex Papas

That’s not even close to the world’s biggest burger. A group of Germans created a 160-pound burger in 2017, according to Guinness World Records.