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Houston Forecast: The relentless heat

The heat advisory is up again for the region, as temps will feel well into the 100s. Get used to this, there is no big heat break for DAYS!

HOUSTON — Wow... did you go outside yesterday? Man was it hot! We hit 100 at George Bush Intercontinental Airport for the first time since September 1, 2019.  

If you're looking for any cooler or drier air... you may have to book a flight out of town.  But if you are looking for some rain relief, there isn't much hope either here in Houston.  There is a chance next weekend, yes NEXT weekend, where we may see this pattern finally break and the rain chances start to go up.  Let's all cross our fingers for that! Because even if you personally don't like the rain, and enjoy the sun and heat, the lawns and wooded areas need the rain.  If we stay dry for too long, the drought conditions will start to worsen and we run the risk of fire danger concerns.

We had one yesterday and the conditions today aren't any better with regards to the heat.  So the National Weather Service has extended the heat advisory to include Saturday afternoon and evening. 

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A large dome of high pressure has built up across the southwestern US and slowly move it.  As it does so, it will shut any rain chances down and crank up the heat!

While the heat we're looking at is intense, it's not quite record breaking, but it's close. In fact, all of our record highs this weekend and into next week are almost exclusively from the year 1980, by far one of Houston's hottest summers. We wouldn't see another one like it until 2011. 

Here are the records for the next several days:

Saturday: 103 - 1980
Sunday: 104 - 1980
Monday: 102 - 1980
Tuesday: 103 - 1980
Wednesday: 103 - 2000
Thursday: 104 - 1980
Friday: 104 - 1980

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