HOUSTON — The Houston Rockets also focused only now on making it to the NBA Finals, but for many watching at home, the playoffs are a much needed distraction from the reality so many are still living with after Harvey.

One player’s work off the court has been just as important as what he’s doing on the court.

Getting cozy on the couch, Houston Rockets guard Gerald Green is shopping for furniture.

It's not what you’d expect from the 32-year-old, but it’s not for him. It’s for a family who was flooded during Harvey.

“Instead of me sitting around and just enjoying the things that are happening to me, I want to be able to help out people as well, and that’s how you get blessings," Green said.

Born and raised in the Bayou City, the Houston hero was home during the storm, but not for long.

“Just kind of seeing everybody going through a crisis, and instead of me sitting at home watching on TV, I decided to get up and go in my truck and help out as many families as possible," Green said.

Green grew up watching his favorite team but didn’t officially become a Houston Rocket until December.

His help after Harvey only got bigger. It was then that he teamed up with Trae the Truth and his Relief Gang, a group that was formed after Harvey, to help victims get back on their feet.

From the city’s biggest rebound to the Rockets’ latest win, Green’s just happy to see the home he loves not just surviving, but thriving.

“It does feel good to see the city turning back around, some positive things happening. And for me, it’s always good being in the NBA, and it’s even better playing for your hometown team," Green said.