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What makes Jalen Hurts tick? We asked his mother

Jalen Hurts played high school football in Channelview. His mom talks about how he's grown and why you should never count him out.

HOUSTON — On Sunday, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts will try to become the fourth starting QB younger than 25 years old to win a Super Bowl.

The Eagles went 16-1 when the 24-year-old Hurts started, losing two games when he was sidelined by an injured shoulder late in the season.

Hurts set an NFL record for quarterbacks with 15 touchdown runs in the regular season and playoffs, while also tied for first in the NFL this season with 11 touchdown passes on throws of at least 20 yards downfield.

A lot of fans in the Houston area will be pulling for the Eagles and Hurts on Sunday as the former Channelview product leads his team in the big game.

KHOU 11's Matt Musil spoke to Hurts' mother, Pamela, ahead of Super Bowl LVII in Glendale, Arizona, and how his faith and ability have kept him grounded through the years.

Watch the full interview with Pamela Hurts:

On Jalen's work ethic:

"Very driven, very focused. Very detail-oriented. Not easily rattled. Nothing can get him upset.  Very methodical. He’s very analytical and he gets a lot of that from dad. But he always has to have a plan and a goal in mind, and a plan in place to achieve those goals."  

"He lives to have fun, but right now, he’s in work mode. He’s on a business trip. And once he steps on the field, it’s another day at the office. Once his goal is achieved, then you’ll see the fun-loving Jalen, but right now is not the time."  

On knowing her son was going to be in the NFL:

"A family friend, Ms. Alice Hall, rest her soul, she prophesized this long ago. Jalen was maybe fifth grade or sixth grade. And she said, 'Baby, your oldest son is going to do great things, but your youngest, he’s going all the way. He’s going to play in the NFL."

"I’ve always believed. I’ve believed in my heart that it was going to happen, so to live it and to actually see it come to pass, I can’t put that into words." 

Pamela also mentioned that Alice lived long enough to see it happen.

On the NFL championship game and when she knew he’d win it:

"The first deep pass, we knew it. We all jumped up with excitement, screaming and hollering. And at that moment, we knew it. For some reason, people always underestimate Jalen. Always. But I would never bet against him. He’s a winner."

On education. She said Jalen was inducted into the honor society in fifth grade, and it continued through high school:

"He graduated early. Academics have always been important. As a testament, he wanted to finish his degree at Alabama. It’s always been at the forefront."

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