HOUSTON A man filed a civil lawsuit against his former employer after he said he was tortured and humiliated in front of co-workers and customers for nine months.

Bradley Jones, 45, worked at Fred Fincher Motors for more than four years.

He said for the last nine months, his fellow employees began sneaking up on him and hitting him with a stun gun.

He said it happened at least two dozen times and each incident left him more on edge.

I was constantly looking behind my shoulder, distracted, couldn t sleep, Jones said. I would even look behind my shower curtain at home.

Jones said his boss, Sam Harless, provided thestun gunand also held the camera many times. The videos were posted on YouTube, but have been taken off.

Jones said he didn't quit because he was trying to buy a home.

Jones sued his former employer and two employees for assault and battery, and failure to provide a safe work place.

I m just happy that I m an American and I m in a country where the justice system works, Harless said. This is a frivolous lawsuit -- once the facts come out, it will be thrown out.

Harless is married to State Rep. Patricia Harless, who co-owns the dealership and is also named in the lawsuit.

Jones is still looking for another job and his attorney said criminal charges could follow.

It was unacceptable, Jones said. It was hurtful. It was wrong.