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Tigers on the loose in downtown Dallas?

A bizarre story out of Dallas where several people claim they saw one, maybe even two tigers on the loose downtown overnight.

DALLAS-Several people claimed they saw one, maybe even two tigers on the loose in downtown Dallas overnight.

Twosecurity guards, as well astwo DART riders, said they saw one or two small tigers, around 50 pounds, on Houston Street headed toward the West End. Dallas police confirmed they did receive a call about the sighting.

Dallas police were called to search for the large cats. They had guns drawn, even a police chopper was out with search lights, but they didn t find anything.

While a security guard told WFAA they had received a call that tigers were on the loose from the Dallas Zoo, those at the zoo said they have not lost any tigers.

Furthermore, the Dallas Zoo said they have offered up their animal specialists to assist Dallas police in their search of whatever, if anything, may be on the loose. The specialists said, based on the description given in the 911 call, if the sighting was that of a tiger, it would have to be a cub since grown tigers are usually waist-high.

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