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Demonstrations held in Houston showing support for Haitian migrants

There were two groups of demonstrators who showed up in north Houston and downtown.

HOUSTON — In Houston, the Haitian community is standing up for their brothers and sisters at the Texas-Mexico border.

On Wednesday, there were two demonstrations downtown.

"That could be anybody with my skin tone," Ms. Edwards said. "So, it's heartbreaking."

Edwards is a Haitian migrant supporter. In downtown Houston, people could be seen protesting on Wednesday. On the ground, supporters used megaphones to magnify their voices in front of the federal building at Louisiana and Saint Joseph Parkway.

"It starts with a spark," Edwards said.

That spark came in the form of two small groups on Wednesday.

In north Houston, people also showed support for Haitian migrants.

Rossely Helaire migrated from Haiti to Chile and spent five days underneath the makeshift shelter in Del Rio.

"What we do is we receive them here, we let them stay until they find a way home to their sponsors, to their families," said Elizabeth Rodriguez, the National Coalition of Christian Office Manager.

The NCCO, Houston Haitians United and other organizations are helping hundreds of Haitians like Helaire.

Supporters like Edwards are hoping a small crowd sparks big change.

"A spark can light a nation," Edwards said.

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