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More men turning to plastic surgery, losing 'dad bod'

Women aren't the only ones who visit the plastic surgeon for a nip-and-tuck procedure. Men are heading there to fight against the "dad bod."

NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) — Some people love a dad bod, and others cringe when they see one. On the off chance you aren't familiar with the term, it refers to the type of body a man often gets when he lays off the trips to the gym, grabs the potato chips, and lets nature take its course.

While a lot of people accept the body changes, some men are choosing to use cosmetic surgery to fight against it.

"Anyone can improve themselves. It’s all about maintenance. That’s how I look at it," said Chase Smith, a father who had no problem deciding his old body needed more than a little lift. Smith has undergone several surgeries, from a facelift to contouring through the waist to getting peck implants.

"I’ll strip my shirt off in a heartbeat in the summertime, no problem," Smith told 13News Now.

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The American Society of Plastic Surgeons says doctors performed more than 1.3 million cosmetic procedures on men in 2017.

Smith started getting his work done a few years ago.

"I didn’t want to be that dad that everyone pointed at saying, 'Look at how overweight your dad is,' and I didn't want him to be ashamed of me. Kids can be cruel."

All of Smith’s surgeries were done at The Hague Center in Norfolk. Dr. Robert Schnarrs told 13News Now that plastic surgery among guys has increased over the years.

"I think it’s because it’s becoming more acceptable," explained Schnarrs. "They still want to be private about it. They don’t want it to be obvious, but it’s becoming more accepted across the board."

Schnarrs said it’s an easy way to boost self-confidence and that most men traditionally do liposuction, nasal reshaping, brow lifts, and eyelid lifts.

"Men want to see changes that they can’t change, or they tried to change, and they are unable to do so. For example, you have those love handles or the belly that doesn’t want to go away," Schnarrs said.

That was the reason Smith decided to get peck implants.

"You can work out all that you want, but it just doesn’t get the effect that you want," Smith offered. He said if you want something done, do it, and don’t look back. He hopes more dads understand it’s not just mommy makeovers anymore, and everyone should feel confident in their own skin.

"I’m 100 percent happy with everything I’ve had done, and I have no regrets whatsoever," Smith stated.

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