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VERIFY: Do you have to sign traffic tickets?

A viewer asked if police officers can arrest you for refusing to sign a traffic ticket.

HOUSTON — KHOU 11 News viewer Rhonda B. sent the verify team an email about a recent traffic stop in Jersey Village.

She wrote, "I told the officer that I did not want to sign the ticket because I did not agree with his reasoning for pulling me over. He said if I didn't sign the ticket he would arrest me and have my car towed. He said that is the law.  Can you verify if this is true or not?" 

KHOU legal analyst Gerald Treece verified it is true. 

He added it is a common question with an easy answer.

What you sign on the side of the road is only a promise to appear in court. It’s not an admission of guilt.

State laws says you can be arrested and taken to a magistrate if you refuse to sign.

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