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Tony Buzbee donates WWII tank to Texas A&M University

You may remember he had it parked in front of his River Oaks home causing quite a stir.

HOUSTON - High-profile Houston attorney Tony Buzbee is giving his alma mater, Texas A&M University, a huge piece of World War II history.

It’s a Sherman tank.

Buzbee, a Marine veteran, bought the tank from a museum in France.

"I think most people will tell you that particular piece of equipment helped win the war," Buzbee said.

You may remember last year, he parked it in front of his house in River Oaks. He moved it to his ranch after complaints from the HOA.

“I think it was blown out of proportion," Buzbee said. "I don't think the neighbors were upset. I think it was just the executive director of the River Oaks Homeowners Association was wasn't comfortable with it."

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Buzbee is an Aggie and is on the school's board of regents. He says it’s great to be able to give back this way.

"Texas A&M has a long military tradition, and it sent more military officers to World War II than even the service academies,” he said.

The tank named "Cheyenne" will be on display, for now, in what's known as the "Quad" on the A&M campus.

No longer a tank owner, what will Buzbee buy next?

"I'm going to buy an aircraft carrier. No, I’m not going to buy an aircraft carrier. I think we've had our fun," Buzbee said.

No aircraft carriers, but Aggies do have a great piece of World War II history just in time for Veterans Day.

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