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Quanell X shares new allegations on where Rudy Farias was for the past 8 years; HPD to give update Thursday

Quanell X claims to have spoken to Rudy Farias while he was being interviewed by investigators.

HOUSTON — Update 7/6: Houston police said on Thursday that Rudy Farias didn't report sexual abuse by his mother when they interviewed him Wednesday.  


Houston community activist Quanell X spoke to the media Wednesday and shared some new allegations about Rudy Farias, the man found alive after he was reported missing for eight years. These are allegations that Houston police haven't confirmed.

Quanell X said he met Farias on Wednesday after his mother, Janie Santana, asked him to come to a hotel in Humble where she and her son were meeting with investigators. At some point, Santana and Farias were separated and that's when Farias allegedly told Quanell X and an investigator that he has been living with his mother this entire time.

Quanell X also said Farias told him and the investigator that his mom has been drugging and sexually abusing him.

Despite all these accusations reportedly made by Farias, Quanell X said he repeatedly told him he didn't want his mother to get in trouble. 

“He kept saying, I don’t want her to go to prison, I don’t want her to go to prison," Quanell X said.

Farias was reported missing in March 2015. At the time, he was 17 years old and authorities reported he went missing while walking his two dogs in northeast Houston. The two dogs were later found, but Rudy was gone.

Quanell said Farias told him that he actually didn't go missing, but instead, he ran away and came back home two days later. Quanell X said Santana then convinced him not to go to the police when he came back home.

"The things he told me, I broke down in tears," Quanell X said. "She was giving him drugs. She was punishing him by locking him in a room over and over. She convinced him that law enforcement wanted to put him in jail, that law enforcement was looking for him because he ran away and that because he ran away, he was going to go to prison."

Family members of Farias were at the hotel where Quanell spoke to the media and said they were shocked and hurt about what they'd heard.

"She hid from her family. That was wrong and awful," one family member said. "Now what she did to him, that girl needs to go to jail."

"I'm going to say I'm very worried about Rudy, very worried," Farias' aunt Pauline Sanchez Rodriguez said. 

Sylvia Lopez, another one of Farias' aunts, said she hasn't seen him since the day he went missing and over the years, she's even traveled out of state with Santana to help look for him.

“She had me out there in California thinking that they had found somebody that looked like Rudy in California," Lopez said. "And I went all the way with her."  

Quanell X said the reason Farias was found last week was because he stole his mother's car to get away from her. Quanell X said he ended up crashing the car and that's when he was later found outside of a church in southeast Houston by a good Samaritan.

The manager of the hotel where Farias and Santana were questioned by investigators said Santana asked for a room when they got there, but when he noticed Farias could barely, walk, he offered them the conference room to wait. 

KHOU 11 reporter Anayeli Ruiz said she saw Farias and Santana leave together after speaking with investigators at the hotel.

No arrests have been made.

Houston police are expected to share details about this case on Thursday. The department said they are aware of the allegations being put out but "are not in a position at this time to discuss specifics of the interviews or if the content being released is entirely factual."

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