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New moms showing higher rates of mental health issues since pandemic, report says

Canadian research showed anxiety and depression cases for new moms has increased up to 39 percent, and reports of substance abuse issues have also increased.

HOUSTON — Life can get tough for new moms, and according to a recent report, the pandemic has made it even harder. Mental health issues for new mothers are on the rise.

Let's connect the dots.

Anxiety, depression quarantine increase

A new report out of Canada says mental health visits during the postpartum period were up 30 percent compared to before the pandemic. Reports of anxiety and depression for new moms were up 39 percent, and reports of substance abuse issues for the group were up as well.

More remote, less issues

One interesting finding in the report was women who lived in less populated communities reported more normal levels of mental health issues starting in the summer. The researchers think that’s because COVID-19 cases in those area in Canada started to fall around that time, allowing for less social distancing and more in-person school and in-person dining.

Social network has an important role

Mental health experts point out that social support can be crucial for new parents, especially new moms. The pandemic cut many people off from that social network and added to the stress of protecting a brand-new baby. 

All this making a tough time even tougher.

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