GALVESTON, Texas - Authorities are extending a search nationwide for the parents of a boy whose body was found in Galveston about two weeks ago.

The boy's body was found on Galveston Beach and police are now calling him 'Little Jacob'. A sketch of the boy's face is going up on billboards across Texas, as well as several other states.The boy is believed to be between three and five years old.

Authorities say the investigation into the child’s death is ongoing and nothing has been ruled out at this time, including accidental death. The boy's autopsy is still pending, along with a positive identification. Police named him 'Little Jacob' so that it's easier for people to refer to the child.

Galveston Police say they've received hundreds of tips, some from out-of-state, which is why the FBI is taking the case nationwide. They're offering a $10,000 reward for information.

“And it’s that type of effort and that type of assistance that’s going to lead us to the identity of Little Jacob and to his family. We just need to reach more people,” said Captain Joshua Schirard with the Galveston Police Department.

Investigators have also pulled dozens of pieces of possible evidence along Galveston's 37-mile stretch of beach. Police believe the boy's parents are alive.

"These family members caring for this boy on or about October 18th may have provided a plausible explanation for the child's whereabouts. Such as staying with a family or friends for possibly an extended period of time. The explanation may also indicate that the child was taken out of the family's care," said Captain Josh Schirard with Galveston PD.

Police also say keep an eye out for a parent who may have changed their normal routine - maybe they're missing work or left the area. Police say another red flag is a parent who is showing an incredible interest in every step of this case.

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