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Brooks's Blog: Flood Pattern Ahead

An upper-level ridge of high pressure will effectively block weather systems for the next few weeks, forcing them to, "rain out" over the south-central part of the country, which includes our area.

A large blocking pattern has set up over the Caribbean, which will keep us unusually warm through at least next week but may also stop any rainy weather systems in their tracks. Instead of actually moving through our region, they'll stall. When normally we'd get an inch or so, this blocking pattern may result in several inches or more per system. This time of year the vegetation has largely not yet woken up from its winter dormancy, resulting in much of the rain running-off instead of being absorbed by the ground. This amplifies the flooding threat as bayous and drainage systems more rapidly fill. If we get 4" of rain this time of year, it's like getting 6"-7" in the summer. -Brooks Garner

7-day rainfall totals may amount to over 4" in parts of east Texas, which could result in flooding. We may see more than the amounts forecast by this computer model and the exact location may shift farther south. The take-away is a, "wet pattern."

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