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Hundreds of residents lose their home after tornado destroys SE Houston apartment complex

The question on most of these residents' minds -- where do we go from here?

HOUSTON — The Beamer Place Apartments is just one of several buildings that were destroyed in an EF3 tornado that touched down in southeast Houston Tuesday.

Houston city officials went to survey the area Wednesday where now hundreds of families are left without a home because they were told it was not safe for them. 

"I had firefighters trying to help me put together my crate, find cats," said one resident. "I had two other cats hiding behind the fridge and we're just here trying to salvage stuff and just trying to go through and pick up my life."

Aerial views of the apartment complex show most of the structure collapsed in the tornado. Debris was found all over the ground, most of it destroying vehicles in the parking lot. 

"We are blessed when you look at the destruction," said Houston Police Chief Troy Finner

Police have been escorting residents to get medicine, clothes and their pets. Guillermo Garcia, 9, was reunited with his five hamsters who he left behind.

The next question for these residents -- where do we go from here?

"What is going to happen next? We can only sleep at a shelter for so long," said Sherita East. "After that what do you do."

Residents said they are not getting many answers from management at the apartment complex.

 "We are all living from paycheck to paycheck," Rebecca Smith said. "It is very hard. I just lost my mom. It's very hard. And then for the owners to act like they don't even care. We have questions and you have to give us some answers."

The owner told KHOU 11 that if the apartment is not in a livable condition, she will cancel their lease and give residents their deposit back. Right now, everything is all up in the air because power crews are still trying to restore the electricity.

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