HOUSTON – A cautionary tale about Zika comes from one Houston mom who wants others to understand the devastating effects behind the virus.

Lady Quinones says her 2-year-old son Jacob is doing much better these days, but still has challenges eating and walking.

The native of Columbia gave birth in Houston, but says it was only on the operating table when she learned the child had microcephaly.

“When I had the examinations for Zika, I did not want to accept the reality from the news and the problems that would come for the baby,” Quinones said.

Microcephaly is a birth defect commonly associated with the Zika virus. Symptoms of which include a partially collapsed skull, decreased brain tissue and limited mobility.

While a Zika diagnosis for pregnant women does not guarantee birth defects, doctors want the public to know Zika is still very much a concern.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 34 cases of Zika have been reported across the US this year. That includes three in Texas. All were travelers coming from affected areas in either Florida or South American countries.

Note that there is no local transmission of Zika and no mosquitoes have ever tested positive for Zika in Harris County.

Not to say you shouldn’t protect yourself here at home. Always wear protective clothing or have repellant when you can and remember, standing water is not your friend.