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Houston-area high school principal finally home after 51 days in the hospital due to coronavirus

Phil Eaton spent 20 of those days on a ventilator.

Remember the story we told you about the Lake Creek High School principal who nearly lost his life due to COVID-19?

Well, amazing news, after 51 days in the hospital and 20 of those days spent on a ventilator, Phil Eaton is finally healthy enough to go home.

He was released from the hospital Wednesday with dozens of people cheering him on as he was rolled out the front door of The Woodlands TIRR Memorial Hermann in a wheelchair. 

On March 16, Eaton went to the hospital with what he thought was a really bad sinus infection.

He doesn't remember much after that. 

"When they wheeled me into the acute care, or whatever they call it, they must have knocked me out to put the ventilator in my mouth— and that was it," he said.

Eaton says recovering from a life-threatening illness has him pining for simple pleasures.

"I will be able to take a real shower, looking forward to that," he said. "Today's Taco Tuesday, so I'll get some guacamole and tacos."

Eaton said he is very forever grateful for the team of nurses and doctors that helped him recover from coronavirus. 

"The efforts by these guys, makes me cry. Their dedication to their jobs, professionalism, kindness, meeting me where I was, which was not very good when I got here," he said.

And it's only fitting on Teacher Appreciation Day that this lifelong educator shared what he learned from his harrowing experience.

"People have - they've got to take this seriously. They had friends who had symptoms and it never turned into my deal so they say it's ok, but after you've been through what I've been through...you just got be so careful."