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Houston-area educators prioritizing active shooting training after Uvalde school shooting

The Harris County Center for Safe and Secure Schools trained 90 educators from 25 school districts on how to spot red flags among students.

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas — Houston-area educators are completing active shooter training just days weeks before they head back to the classroom.  

Julia Andrews, the director of the Center of Safe and Secure Schools Program for the Harris County Department of Education, confirmed the May 2022 massacre inside Robb Elementary School in Uvalde is why so many Houston-area school districts are prioritizing the course.

“So just in the last two to three months we’ve picked up almost 100%,” said Andrews of calls from school districts looking for more resources and training on school safety.

The quarterly training is available to all 25 school districts within Harris County. There was a training Thursday where educators were taught how to spot red flags among students who may become violent. 

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“This class has changed significantly since Uvalde,” said Andrews. “Just because of the response and what is the preparation beforehand and the importance of the threat assessment teams.”

The threat assessment teams, Andrews said, are required at every school.

The Center for Safe and Secure Schools can help campuses create a team among staff and train educators.

“It’s sad. But we always say prevention is key,” said Andrews.

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But prevention has not always been a priority.

“Sometimes our rooms are not full, we may have less than 10. Today we are at capacity. And that means that safety is becoming a priority," Andrews said.

Educators who participate in this course are told they will learn what to do from day one if they notice or see a possible threat on their campus.

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