HOUSTON — On US Highway 59, Rob Acuna Jr. says he first noticed what looked like a small face along the barrier.

Rob was on his way home, but says something told him he needed to go back and give it one more look. It took Rob an extra 25 minutes to return to the very spot, but he says it was all worth it.

“I see this little face and I didn’t even know how to react because there were cars coming behind me. I’m either going to do this now or it’s just not going to happen,” said Acuna Jr.

Rob turned on his camera immediately and noticed "Pepper" caught in between a small crack in the median. Without much hesitation, Rob grabbed the kitten and hustled back to his car.

The video was shared hundreds of times on Facebook, but if you're familiar with Rob's work in Houston, you'll know why this is nothing new for the animal rights activist.

If Rob looks familiar, it's because the last time we sat down with him, he had just come from saving "Gus." The dog who captured hearts all around the country, having been left for dead by his owners.

"His situation was a cruelty case, but he brought light to so many strays here. We're at a point where we have stray animals in our freeways," said Acuna Jr.

On the same day Rob posted his video, he says five other people commented about seeing kittens left on the freeways.

We reached out to Harris County Animal Control who tell us they received no calls of cats left on freeways recently, but do say it happens often.

Rob admits that some stray animals find ways to sneak into places they shouldn't be, but says it's no excuse for why so many animals in Houston go neglected every day.

“It’s not about me it’s about them and they don’t have a voice, so we have to be their voice," said Acuna Jr.

Rob says he is looking for a foster or adoptive family for Pepper, but has already received multiple requests through Facebook.

He hopes to direct others interested to the countless shelter pets in search of homes.


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