HOUSTON - Donald Trump's motorcade arrived with a heavy police escort Saturday afternoon at the Omni hotel on the west side.

"I'm honored to be here today to shine a national spotlight on a group of victims," said Trump who addressed the Remembrance Project - a group dedicated to helping the families of those who were killed by undocumented immigrants.

A total of five mothers and fathers who have lost loved ones in recent years spoke out about their pain, including Brenda Sparks, whose son Eric was killed.

"He was raised by a legal immigrant only to be mowed down on the road by an illegal alien," she said. "That illegal alien did not one second in jail."

Trump vowed to enforce laws that will prevent the next 1,000 Americans from losing their lives at the hands of those here in this country illegally.

"We are going to deliver justice every American family and every single American victim," Trump added.

Meanwhile, outside the hotel, protestors were heated over Trump's presence in Houston.

"Seeing him enter the White House would be very frightening for many Americans," said Dr. David Smith, of the Houston Socialist Movement.

"The anti-immigrant rhetoric from Donald Trump has kind of gone up," said Victor Ibarra, of Latinos Immigrantes Triunfadores.

Just down the street Trump supporters made their voices heard.

"Whenever I get out of high school, what I really want is job security. I want to know the country is safe and I want a good economy and Hillary Clinton doesn't offer any of those things." said Marcel McClinton, who goes to Stratford High School.

Each group fought for the attention of drivers on Eldridge Parkway as Trump's caravan pulled away later on Saturday.