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Suspected serial killer served 25 years for attempted aggravated assault, theft convictions

Jose Rodriguez was convicted in 1990 for the crimes that occurred in September 1989.
Jose Rodriguez's mug shot

HOUSTON - Jose Rodriguez, the man suspected of killing three people, was released on parole in September after serving 25 years in prison for burglary, attempted aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and auto theft.

Rodriguez was convicted in 1990 for the crimes that occurred in September 1989.

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The mother of the attempted aggravated assault victim said her daughter, then 16, had just gotten home from school in Spring when Rodriguez broke in. She said Rodriguez, who had been in the house for quite some time, was in an upstairs room when the teen spotted him. That’s when, according to the victim’s mother, Rodriguez put a pillowcase over the girl's head and tried to sexually assault her.

The victim’s mother said Rodriguez tried hitting the teen over the head with a phone in the kitchen in attempt to knock her out, but he got scared and left in the family’s Oldsmobile station wagon. According to the victim’s mom, Rodriguez was later found partying with other people in a motel.

While in TDCJ custody in Anderson County in 1992, Rodriguez was found to be in possession of a deadly weapon. He was sentenced to another 10 years in prison. In September 2014, Rodriguez completed his 25-year sentence, which is when his 10-year sentence began.

Due to laws passed in the 1970s to combat overcrowding, Rodriguez’s mandatory release date was set to Sept. 29, 2017. A TDCJ spokesperson says the convicted felon was released that day with mandatory supervision with an ankle monitor, without the discretion of the parole board.

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Earlier this month, Rodriguez’s ankle monitor reported being tampered with, which is when an arrest warrant was reportedly issued.

Rodriguez was arrested after a chase in northwest Harris County Tuesday morning less than a mile from where his alleged crime spree started.

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