SANTA FE, Texas – Two Santa Fe High School students say their friend saw a kid with a gun and pulled a fire alarm as they fled the campus during Friday morning’s shooting.

Ten people were killed by the gunman, according to Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez. He said most of the victims were students.

The two senior students told KHOU 11 News Reporter Janel Forte that their friend saw the shooter and then he pulled a fire alarm.

WHAT WE KNOW: At least 10 killed when Santa Fe High School student opens fire

They explained that everyone started running outside. They then heard three shots fired and hid behind some trees.

He students said they heard another four shots fired, and then ran to the car wash across the street to regroup.

The students said they saw a female student shot and the knee, who was then assisted by a firefighter.

“Now I am worried about everyone else,” he said. “ I don’t even want to go to graduation now.”

Photos: Shooting at Santa Fe High School