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DA: Street racing problem getting worse in Houston area

"It happened three years and three months ago, approximately, and I have so much damage to my body," one victim said. "But I'm, I'm grateful to be alive."

HOUSTON — It's a problem that's only gotten worse in Houston since the pandemic — street racing

The Harris County District Attorney's Office said prosecutions for street racing are up over 45% since 2019. According to TxDOT, from 2019 to 2020 there was a 15% increase in the number of speed-related crashes. Unfortunately, that trend continues to go in the wrong direction.

Research shows even small increases in speed can be the difference between life and death in a crash. 

Christine Felgere knows that difference. She was hit by a driver who was racing. Her car was totaled. 

"It happened three years and three months ago, approximately, and I have so much damage to my body. But I'm, I'm grateful to be alive."

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It was a Saturday morning in 2018. The driver who hit Felfere was reportedly going 120 miles per hour and T-boned her. 

The driver may have not been trying to kill her, but still, they almost did. She said the crash did irreparable damage.

Texas lawmakers passed measures meant to give police new tools in the fight against street racing, including the power to seize racer's cars.

This summer, law enforcement started cracking down on these offenders and prosecutors started changing tactics. 

But will it make a difference?

Felgere said she isn't sure about new laws or crackdown, but she believes stopping these crimes start at home.

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