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Georgia family asks strangers to send 8-year-old boy birthday cards after no one comes to party

Austin's family is asking people from all over the state of Georgia to send a birthday card to show him that people in the world do care about him.

ATLANTA — When you're only 8 years old, it's nice to have reminders that you matter. That's what one Georgia family is try do for their son.

Austin has had several birthday parties where no one has showed up. This year, his family is asking people from across the nation to step up.

"My nephew turns 9 September 14th. Last year, he didn't have anyone show up to his birthday party," said Austin's aunt, Bri Sosebee.

Sometimes, we all need a reminder that we matter and that someone in the world is thinking of us...someone who thinks we are important.

"He is a little discouraged that people don't think of him. He is autistic and doesn't understand," Bri said.

Austin, 8, has had a rough time. His mother, Amber Sosebee, said he's a playful, but sometimes moody kid.

"People tend to bully him at school, no one wants to show up to any of his events," Bri said. "Every kid deserves to be loved and he deserves to have friends show up."

This time around, the family is doing something different. For Austin's 9th birthday, the family is asking total strangers, all over the state of Georgia, to write and send birthday cards to Austin.

"Maybe a few birthday cards and he would realize there are others who actually want to send him something, who actually care," Bri said.

If you would like to help celebrate Austin's birthday, you can send him a birthday card to 7830 Smith Farm Road, Cumming, Georgia, 30028. 

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